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Comprehensive & Licensing Exam

Prepare for your exam with 20 questions covering common nursing topics

IV Initiation Tips

Quiz #2

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IV Initiation Tips

Quiz #3

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Nursing Math

Practice math & conversion calculations necessary for medication administration

Practice the drug calculations necessary for the interpretation of doctor's orders

Practice the IV calculations necessary for the interpretation of doctor's orders

Level 1

Nursing Theory I

Lab I

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The foundational knowledge of basic human anatomy and physiology, applied to the human body systems

Explores fundamental principles of psychology, including behaviour, personality, and more

Level 2

Pregnancy, labour, delivery, and postpartum care of both the mother and the baby

Learn about one of the most important tools you can utilize as a nurse - assessments

Exploring deeper knowledge and understanding of the human body

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Level 3

Nursing Theory III

Nursing Theory III
(Mental Health)

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Explore many different disease processes that affect the human body

The foundational knowledge of medication administration and common drug classifications & prototypes

Level 4

Exploring more complex disease processes, with emphasis on different nursing roles for each disease

Focus on complex care scenarios, including intravenous therapy, blood transfusion, emergency codes, and more

Focus on the professional, ethical, and legal standards and responsibilities related to the nursing practice

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Please remember: Content within each section may differ from what you are taught, or the content may be found under a different section. If you feel that there is any important information missing from our list, please inform us and we will consider creating quizzes for said topic!​

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