Crisis & Risk Management

Preparedness in urgent & emergent situations​

Crisis & Risk Management

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Nursing Theory IV Quiz #1

Quiz Author: Ryan LeBlanc




1) An earthquake that severely affects a community can be described as which type of crisis?

2) If the healthcare team has begun to assist a patient in maximizing their remaining capabilities and promoting wellness, which level of prevention is being used:

3) Perception of the event, situation support, and coping mechanisms are all examples of __________, which contribute to whether or not an event will become a crisis:

4) During crisis intervention, a crisis counselor will explore early life events of the client to aid in their recovery:

5) If a community is planning for disaster that is most likely to occur in their geographical area or region, this is known as an all-hazards approach to disaster planning:

6) First responders are those responsible for responding to an emergency as quick as possible, such as police officers and paramedics:

7) Which of the following terms describes the ability to lessen the impact of a disaster before it initially occurs:

8) After a disaster, it is important to keep __________ in mind:

9) In an Ontario hospital, it is important to understand each of the disaster codes. A code green is known as:

10) During disaster situations, triaging of patients becomes more heavily focused on simple and rapid treatment, helping the most number of people possible:

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