Renal Disorders

Management of Acute & Chronic Kidney Injury​

Renal Disorders

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Nursing Theory IV Quiz #2

Quiz Author: Ryan LeBlanc




1) A urinalysis can be used to examine many contents of the urine. Which of the following is not included in a urinalysis:

2) A non-invasive, portable, relatively quick method of determining the volume of urine in the bladder is:

3) Which drug(s) is/are usually held 48 hours before and after the use of iodine contrast dye in a radiology exam:

4) A patient requires an arteriovenous fistula in their arm for their dialysis treatment. What does the nurse have to remember when dealing with this patient:

5) During __________, a patient will use an AV fistula or AV graft to allow the flow of blood to pass through an artificial kidney. This artificial kidney will remove waste and chemicals from the blood:

6) A patient has recently received a kidney transplant due to chronic kidney injury. The patient's vital signs are as follows: BP = 145/96, HR = 76, RR = 18, Temp = 38°C, O2 = 96%. The patient reports tenderness of their kidney, and has had a recent decrease in urinary output. What does the nurse suspect:

7) Dialysis disequilibration syndrome is a complication of hemodialysis characterized by:

8) Crystallized urea deposits that form on the skin of those affected by chronic kidney injury can cause the skin to become very itchy. What is the term used to describe the severe itching of the skin:

9) Serum creatinine tests are important in determining kidney function. If serum creatinine levels are high, this indicates that kidney function is also high:

10) A patient has a condition that reduces or blocks the blood flow to the kidneys, leading to kidney injury. Which of the following classifications best matches the description of this condition:

11) Rhabdomyolysis is:

12) Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are most common in women and hospitalized patients:

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