Nervous System Drugs

Common drugs: Metoprolol, Salbutamol

Nervous System Drugs

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Pharmacology Quiz #2

Quiz Author: Ryan LeBlanc




1) The parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for stimulating the "Fight-or-Flight" response:

2) The major neurotransmitter found in the parasympathetic nervous system is:

3) An agonist drug mimics the natural effects of a neurotransmitter, while an antagonist drug blocks the natural effects of a neurotransmitter: 

4) Which of the following is not an effect of the stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system:

5) Adrenergic beta-1 agonists cause which of the following:

6) Adrenergic alpha-1 agonists cause relaxation of the pregnant uterus: 

7) Which of the following is an example of a selective drug:

8) A beta-blocker has the same effect as an adrenergic agonist: 

9) When administering a beta-blocker, it is important to look out for:

10) Identify which drug may be contraindicated in a patient with asthma/COPD:

11) The effects of a cholinergic agonist are similar to those of an adrenergic antagonist: 

12) Muscarinic receptors are present in which muscle types:

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